How Custom Wood Carvings are Created.


Step 1: Research

In attempting to capture nature through art, much research is needed to observe the live bird in nature, via the internet, photographs, books, and other pertinent resources. If the sculpture is a commissioned piece for an individual then much thought will be given to how the bird will be displayed and the approximate space the individual has allotted for the piece. This research helps to establish a detailed image of the bird.

Step 2: Sketch

From all of this research, the artist begins to sketch the bird from various angles. These sketches are then enlarged to create a full size pattern in both the lateral and frontal planes of the bird.

Step 3: Transfer

The pattern is then transferred to the piece of Tupelo wood.

Step 4: Sculpting Begins

The sculpture is then created using various tools to cut away any wood that does not form the bird.

Step 5: Habitat

The habitat is then created. This may include the creation of a base, a branch, flowers, the bird feet, etc. In some cases, the base and the bird may be formed from one singluar piece of wood.

Step 6: Paint

The whole piece is painted to most closely resemble the bird and habitat.

Step 7: Completion

If the bird and base were not formed from one piece, the bird is then united with its base and is signed.

Purchasing a Commissioned Piece:

Because each sculpture or carving is one-of-a-kind it is impossible to provide a price list.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please go to the Contact Us page. Or contact Robert Goodwin by email at or phone at 270-991-6429. If you are satisifed with the artist's plan, a price will be quoted to you.

If you agree to go ahead with the creation of the sculpture, 30% of the agreed amount will be due within 2 weeks.

The remainder will be due within 2 weeks after completion of the sculpture. No pieces will be delivered until final payment is received.


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