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Robert Goodwin is a retired surgeon who resides in Bowling Green, KY.  In 1983 he carved his first duck decoy.  From that time to the present he has gone on to create numerous pieces ranging from hummingbirds to full size eagles.

People from Connecticut to California have aquired his works.

"I have never had any formal art training.  All of my understanding of this art form has come by observation, trial and error.  However, during this trial and error time I came to realize and enjoy something I never knew I was capable of doing.  I learned to escape into the world of creativity."

Robert has competed in local, national, and international competitions.  The largest show for this art form is The World Ward Championships held in Maryland every spring.  This is an international, peer-judged competition and show and he has been fortunate enough to capture a number of ribbons and awards.  "Researching, observing, and studying a particular bird I am planning to sculpt from wood has made me realize that most artistic expression has its source in nature." 

"I would encourage everyone to try their hand at some form of artistic expression. You may surprise yourself by discovering a talent you never knew you possessed.  Creating a work of art is challenging, satisfying, and a very personal and original expression of your admiration of your subject." 

It is hoped that you can also enjoy this art form as you explore the Wooden Wing Studio.


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